An Authentic Life Pt.2In Part 1 descriptions were given of What An Authentic Life could look like. And Part 2 we will cover How

To Begin Creating one.

2) How does one create An Authentic Life?

From here are some offerings for guidelines;

“Bring compassionate awareness to conflicts between your fundamental truths, and to anything

inauthentic you say or do.

Be proud of who you are and who you’re becoming. Realize that you’re worth sharing with the world.

Let the outer self be defined by the inner self.

Show up fully, with integrity, in each moment. Don’t censor yourself, and don’t let perfectionism

constrict your self-expression.

Don’t trade authenticity for social approval. Be, don’t seem. If you act inauthentically in order to be

loved, then it’s not you that’s being loved.

Be courageous. Embody your fundamentals audaciously, even if it occasionally leads to uncomfortable

situations. Favor external conflict over internal conflict. If you agree to a demand or request that’s

against the way you want to live, you lose a little of yourself. Those who love you shouldn’t want you to

be someone you’re not, or should trust you to become who you want to be. And those who don’t love

you don’t deserve a vote in how you live your life.”

3) Can it be done by making small changes in your current life or do you have to have a drastic

alteration to begin to create one?

Start small and you can make the changes necessary to create An Authentic Life, if the environment you

are living in allows for it. If not, then get out of that dangerous and toxic atmosphere.

Make a list of the things that are in your life that need change. Implement the changes one at a time

each week. Pick a day to make the change or addition, I’ve chosen Wednesday, Hump Day for adding

something new to my life.

If I am to Thrive, I too must live An Authentic Life.

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