Connecting & IntegrationIt is important when moving somewhere new to get connected and integrated in the community. Use

the Internet, meet your neighbors, and go to community events and meetings.

Your goal is to create a new sense of self and a new identity that will be a product of this new

environment and culture.

Take concrete steps towards empowerment and self-determined living. The human spirit is resilient and

will thrive in a new atmosphere if allowed to do so.  You may need to have a daily pep talk to get you

outside your door, but do it, and continue to do it each and every day if you need to.

Thriving is an individual process and will look different for everyone. There is an intense desire to feel

well quickly and individuals can feel that the process is taking too long or they are not doing it “right”.

Thriving, Authentic  Living is not defined by complete absence of thoughts or feelings about the

traumatic experience  you are leaving, but being able to live with it in a way that it isn’t in control of

your life. It is important to be gentle, patient and compassionate with yourself as you move through the

process. Discover, Investigate and seek out things that will help you find a Connection with your new

environment and integrate you into it. So, that when you leave, you leave something good of you


Recognize triggers that will happen along the way without falling from your confident state into Victim

or Survivor.  This confidence enables you to be present as a person who didn’t encounter trauma (even

though you did), and to be fully present to your desire and commitment to live in the present.

Find things that interest you, make a list then look at your calendar and physically write them down, put

them in your smart phone, with alarms and early reminders, then go. Be. Experience, Explore, Thrive.

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