Integrating Into A New CommunityA couple posts earlier I mentioned that we each need to Connect and Integrate when we are creating a

life that is focused on Thriving. I recently moved over 300 miles southwest of where I grew up, raised my

four children and three of my Grandchildren till they were age two.  I have a five decade Sphere of

Influence and Social Community that I left behind. As I create my new life I will blog about what I am

learning and doing throughout the journey so that you might be inspired to create your Life of Thrive.

The first week was focused on unpacking and finding places to display, hang and enjoy the furniture,

décor and pieces of my previous life within the domain of my new life. I put together more pieces of

“P.O.S. in a box” than any one person should in one lifetime, those first couple of weeks.

I started attending a Water Aerobics class in my local development. Volunteered to help pack up a

deceased neighbor belongings to help her daughter get through the process quicker. Volunteered to be

a Group Mediator for a church social event that forced me to share parts of my story with ten new

“neighbors” and get to know them in return. I made an appointment, and saw it through, with a new

Chiropractor. Not sure that we are a good match. I may need to continue that search.

Then I left with a friend for Maui for a week of “Re-Start” in my favorite place to recharge, Lahaina,

along the West Coast of Maui in the Hawaiian Islands.  I’ll tell you more about that in another post. I

have been in my new small town community for five weeks now, only three weeks of me actually being

“here”, but it is time to begin integrating myself into my new hometown.

This weekend will be the 4th of July, the holiday celebration that is focused on patriotism and the

Independence of the United States from British rule in the mid 1700’s. (Especially symbolic in my case)

Making it a perfect time for me to get out and greet and meet my local community members. I have

invited friends from my hometown to join me this weekend, in hopes of having a bit of the old mix with

a bit of the new.  Either way, I plan to walk out that door and be present at the Chuck wagon Breakfast,

the Watermelon Seed Spitting, Hot Dog Eating, the Outdoor Concert and the Movie in the Park as well as

the Fireworks Display.

After being “a couple” my entire adult life, being single and being alone is difficult. Not lonely, as I never

really feel alone, just different. I am not use to being just me. However, the Real Me, The Authentic Me

is excited about all the possibilities that each day holds. Thriving involves Integration and Connection.

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