Have you ever wondered why some people are able to shine in trial while others may become bitter or just “hang in there”? I did.

This pondering, and observation, led me to the writing of a book that was meant for me to learn from. I awoke early one morning around 2:30 am with the book running through my head, chapters, theories, processes and everything. I could not turn off my head and get back to sleep, so I got up and went to my laptop to put it down in written form, so I could get it off my mind and out of my head. Five hours later I had a book, rough, unedited, but a book. I would re-read it several times, make changes and adding or taking out as I was inspired to do so. I put the very same principles to work in my life nearly 4 years later when it all turned to ash and imploded.

The basic message is this: In trial, in a challenge or change, in the face of tragedy do I have a choice to just get through it, survive it, or can I do more with it? Can I choose to Evolve or just Adapt to The Change?
Is there a difference between Surviving and Thriving?

YES! Can I say a HELL YES!

To Evolve in Latin the word means, “make more, complex, develop”. In English, “to develop or achieve, to work out or devise, (and here is a novel one) to give off”.

To Adapt: in Latin the word means, “to fit”. In English, “to adjust, change, modify, alter”.

I believe that Adaption is just going through the motions of what is thrust upon us, to just move through the changes or new environment, more of a less conscience action.To change in the current circumstance allow life to continue. People when asked how they are doing, will respond with “hanging in there”.

Evolution is more of an Active Conscience Choice, one that requires work, focus, a goal on an outcome of choice. To evolve is to Thrive and be progressive in the change. When asked how one is doing that has chosen to Evolve, will receive an answer like this, “I’m focused on the goal. I’m doing Great! I’m good, real good.”

When I am working on a muscle group with weights and my body is at that plateau of “no more”, I will take a moment to pause, get inside my head, and say, “No. You are fierce! You have more in you and you know it. This is not where you will stop, you are going to always do more, give more.” And then I will give out 2 or more of the reps. And do it sometimes with the scariest fiercest face I can muster.

It is my observation and experience that we can each choose to “Adapt” or “Evolve” when life hits us with changes, trials, or tragedy. Some people will even just give up, I don’t want to even discuss that option.

Rather, let me leave with this last thought to ponder:
The English version of Evolve mentions to “give off”. What do you think of this?
I think that when a person is in the process of Evolving an actual energy is the result. One that can be felt, measured and in some people seen. They may be under the worst of circumstances in their life, and yet they manage, somehow, to lift others, inspire others, succeed.

I want to be the person to give up such a positive light and energy that I am able to lift and inspire others. And I do know that it is not going to be adaption that will make that happen, but the choice of an Evolution.

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