A few weeks ago, I met with a man that teaches Psychological Sales Training for a National Company in the Salt Lake area, and other locations where this company has Offices. I wanted to “pick his brain” regarding a pair of neighborhood FSBO’s that I was at an impasse with.
What he taught me needs to be covered in 2 posts, the first of which I will do here. Let’s call this Part 1: Are You Stuck in Amber?
If you saw Jurassic Park, the movie, remember the cane or walking stick the wealthy creator of the “Amusement Park” had with the mosquito that was stuck in an Amber rock. With that image in your mind here is what came from our 3 hour meeting.
I was frustrated with a married senior couple that had been “trying” to sell their home for nearly a dozen years. They were adamant that they could do it on their own, as they had done so successfully previously. I had attempted to get them to understand that their asking price was too high, the peak marketing/sales season was passing quickly by, and that they needed professional marketing assistance, which my company and I could provide. Every question or rebuttal I encountered seemed to not permeate them in any way. We were not progressing towards an understanding of one another. I have never ran into this before and wanted help in understanding their state of mind.
He stated, “Some people are stuck in amber.” When I gave him my most sincere, “explain more” face, he went on. “Some people are stuck in the happiest days or the saddest days of their lives. They are unable to get on with living. They relive and rehash the days when they were either at their happiest, or their saddest. Their daily life, conversation, and living atmosphere is a reflection of where they are in the amber.”
Aha! That was it! This couple had not updated their home since they had moved in and raised their 3 children in their home. The rooms were decorated, pictures hung, wall paper still in place and every other detail the sames as it was 20 plus years ago. They had created a museum of the happiest days of their lives out of their home. And everyday when they took “prospective buyers” through their home, they were actually giving Museum Tours, as they never really wanted to sell their home. They were just lonely and wanted people to tell them what a “lovely home” they had. That explained the unrealistic sales asking price and the fact that they had not done any updates, only maintenance on the property.
I had not been prepared to help this couple as I did more talking, less listening-just as every other sales agent that had been there had done before me.
I went straight over to their home that same week to let them know that I now knew how to help them “move on” in their life and get their home sold.
At this point, I wasn’t just after the Listing, I really wanted to help them move out of the Amber.
I know that most people do not respond to my honesty as well as others do, so I was prepared for just about any response from them. I said enough to get them out of the Amber and when a reasonable/fair offer came in 3 weeks later they accepted it and Sold their home, for real after 12 years of “trying”.

In Part 2 I will talk more about the Wheel of Behavior Theory Science.

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