A few weeks ago, I met with a man that teaches Psychological Sales Training for a National Company in the Salt Lake area, and other locations where this company has Offices. I wanted to “pick his brain” regarding a pair of neighborhood FSBO’s that I was at an impasse with. And a troublesome pair of un-related clients that I was working with.

What he taught me needs to be covered in 2 posts, the first of which I covered earlier and called it; Are You Stuck In Amber?
Let’s call this Part 2 and title it: Moving Forward from Desire to Change to Completion of Change.
Picture if you will an early American covered wagon wheel for the sections of our discussion here. In each spoke area there is a behavior or action to complete. As we move forward, or backward in our desire to change, a new section moves into the area we are in. As professional sales people our responsibility to our clients is to assist them in keeping the wheel moving forward, using our skills, experience, training and knowledge of this Science.
Let’s begin with:
1) Need to Change
For our purposes we will use this in the context of real estate, but it can be used in nearly every situation, even in relationships.
For example a Home Owner has developed hip and back issues and finds stairs in their current home to be a difficult and uncomfortable aspect of everyday life in getting around and in and out of their home.
They decide that they are now
2) Discontent with their Current Situation
The Home Owner begins to look into the options of correcting or resolving the Discontent. Installation of ramps, chair lifts or elevator and what each will cost, which will alleviate the problem long term and for the least expense.
Or, will they need to sell the property and replace it with another? If so, what is the current property valued at and what resources will they need to tap into for it’s replacement?
At this point they have progressed into
3) Research
They begin looking online at new properties, new plans and the expense of getting their property ready to compete on the market. They may even do some preliminary interviewing of real estate agents and companies to market and assist them with the sell of the property.
4) Comparison, starts now.
Comparing their current property with a replacement and comparing agents and companies to assist them in the transition. The criteria for the new purchase may evolve at this stage. From just a home with no stairs to a home with a large patio to do small garden pots and no yard upkeep to be responsible for. A smaller kitchen with a larger bedroom area for study or hobby work.
We are halfway to the Completion of Change, so we must hit a roadblock, if we have not already done so as we move into
5) Fear
Exploring your concerns can either be a roadblock or an impasse. This is where we show empathy for the client and help them to remain focused on the quality of life that will come from the change of property. Keep them focused on the future, not on what was comfortable or known, in the past.
6) Commitment, now becomes the ingrain to see through because they now see that a change in their home living situation and lifestyle will improve their whole life.
Make sure that you know their
7) Expectations
regarding time lines, locations, etc. Because once they are in Stage 6: Commitment they can walk away if their Expectations are not met. Be open in all your communications and make sure that it is followed up in writing.
My Friend suggested that I send out a written note after every stage and communication with a M.O.U. Memo Of Understanding, stating what I understand their thoughts, emotions, and needs to be as we progress forward.
If we have really done our job well at this point we have become the Teacher and we have kept our client focused forward on their future reward for staying the course and the Value they will soon see in that effort.
Our last stage is 8) Satisfaction
This is important for future business too. A satisfied and happy client will do more marketing for fewer $ than any other form of marketing you could do on your own. Having a Satisfied Customer/Client is invaluable and should always be our goal. This is what is called the Farmer stage or the Harvest stage for all your efforts, time, $, and knowledge is culminated in a payday in physical and emotional ways.
May we all strive to learn more, to understand more, to talk less and ask more questions and assist others along their journey.

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