If you are like most of the world you made resolutions at the start of the year (or maybe just goals … they’re essentially the same thing). Hopefully you know what the goal(s) was/were and don’t need to go look for it. If you don’t know what your goal was, it is likely you did not meet it.  It is a known principal that if you don’t write down your goal(s) and review them frequently (daily) it is that much more difficult to achieve.

I read a small book recently, “5 Things A Millionaire Taught Me”, Richard Paul Evans is the Author and in the very first chapter he tells us to WRITE DOWN our Hearts Desire and review it daily, look at it throughout the day. If you have goals regarding wealth, health or love relationships that have yet to be achieved, then I would strongly suggest that you spend some time this winter reading a few small books from those that have. Model the behavior of the ones you want to mirror.

Here is a excerpt from the book: ”

Life isn’t about money. It’s about God. It’s about love. It’s about family and relationships. It’s about personal evolution, learning and growth. However, part of our growth is learning balance between the different forces of life. For those who do not accept responsibility for financial matters, life is thrown out of balance. To the financially enslaved, life becomes all about money. It’s not.

I believe that fiscal irresponsibility is one of the gravest problems facing modern America. Too many have sold themselves into financial bondage. Too many are missing the opportunities and abundance life has to offer. If you want to be part of the solution read this book.”

I certainly did not achieve my goals for 2017, yet. I had too many “out of my control” events happen to me that caused major disruption in my life. But I am still the one that is responsible for making my goals happen, they just had to adjust a bit this year. I’ll share one of my goals: “I will loose 30 lbs”. I did not loose 30 lbs, However, I did loose 15 lbs that were very hard fought for. I am probably the strongest and most fit of my adult life and I am happy with the progress I made this year. I have not given up and those last 15 or more lbs will be gone, as I continue to adjust my eating habits to find the right combination that will allow my over 50 body to let go of that fat storage it seems to think that it needs for some strange reason!

Each of us has goals, aspirations we want to earn, appreciate, of enjoy in our life and the end of the year is a great time to take an assessment of our actions and achievements for the past months. Most in the Corporate world have a year end or at least quarterly assessment meetings with our superiors/supervisor that will help us keep in mind our business goals. If you do not have this type of accountability, then you should create something similar in your world, whether it is a friend, family member, co-worker, peer or just social media. We all have to be held accountable to be successful in our goals.

At a conference I attended in October the main speaker had each of us write down our goal for the year. Then on a separate slip of paper, write down why we wanted that goal. Then on another slip of paper, #3 now, we were to write down how we would feel if we achieved that goal. And on the final slip of paper write down how our life would improve if we were able to accomplish that goal. The goal of the practice was to discover our real “Hearts Desire” and to take that final piece of paper and put it in our shirt pocket each day or carry on our person in some fashion each day. So, that we are either aware of it being on us or in our clothing and reminded throughout the day of what we “really want”. The object, as I would believe is to remind us to take the appropriate actions and say all the things we would need to make our hearts desire happen.

People have said, “If we are truly seeking our destiny, It is seeking us also. I hope that each of us is able to find our “hearts desire” and create a system that will help us in achieving it, or at least getting closer to it, in 2018.


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