A couple years ago Marie Osmond released a new album with a song called, “Music is Medicine” and it is to that topic that I want to focus my insight. During my life I have found music to be the “answer” to so many emotions and wisdom’s’ I was in need of at the time. I have found that when I am meeting someone new and creating a relationship, it is essential that I learn of the music that they enjoy. My eldest daughter and her husband and my eldest son are immersed in music most of their day and will introduce me to new music genre’s or a new artist frequently too.

Music is the story of a generation. Many of Histories moments are told in music and the lyrics of a storyteller and composer. I love to listen to the big band music of the 40’s & 50’s, the souls are evident in so much of the music of that era and I was reintroduced to it this summer, thank you Kirt. Another friend introduced me to “Tropical House and House” music last fall and though it wasn’t my favorite, I do have a place for that type of music in my daily work at the computer or while getting ready to go somewhere if I need to be energized by “club” music.Thank you Michael.  I love the original early rock artists of the 60’s and 1970’s nearly any time of day and the classic Rock of that era was explained to me with the lyrics of many that I had previously overlooked. Thank you Kirk. And I agree with you, too much of the stuff on the TOP 100 is just overrun with trash. No much storytelling or soul baring in the music we hear on the radio. Lady Antebellum and Little Big Town was given to me by Jim this summer. Love that you shared this with me. The romantic undertones of Robyn Thicke were given to me just last week by a new acquaintance, thanks Joe. Music is medicine for my soul and I find that it can help me heal from heartbreak, soothe me when I need to heal or aid me in a rage when I need to vent.

There is no way I could complete with fierceness the workouts that i put in without a select playlist of driving beats and lyrics to take me out of the moment and push me into the next level of drive.  Music is indeed medicine, whether you are ill or not and if you have been missing some music in your life, then it is time you start dappling in it again.And remember to dance once in awhile too. Dance like no one is watching and let the music take you away to another place and time.

Now, let me talk about laughter for a bit more. Laughter is the absolute healer in so many cases, when only a good old belly laugh with tears is about the only thing you can do instead of raging like a lunatic or crying from the deepest soul breaking heartache. Here are 5 additional thoughts about laughter and its benefits.

Laughter Makes Us Healthier

Laughter is a good thing. Scientists tell us that laughter, humor and joy are an important part of life. Laughing lowers blood pressure, reduces stress hormones, and increases muscle flexion. It increases the circulation of antibodies in the blood stream and makes us more resistant to infection.

Laughter Touches Our Soul

Laughter is good for us physically, but that is just the beginning. Laughter is good for the soul. There is a holiness in laughter. Laughter brings us closer to each other – and there is something holy about people coming together. Laughter provides us a moment of grace. It occurs spontaneously and unexpectedly. It catches us by surprise and we respond with laughter. We never expect to laugh, just as we never expect grace or good fortune when it arrives. And in that grace, we are able to recognize the folly of our own pursuits.

Laughter Keeps Things in Perspective

Laughter helps us to transcend ourselves, and I often am in need that help. Too often I take myself far too seriously. and there is danger in this. being all too rigid is something I never want to be again. Here’s a suggestion.; the next time you are overwhelmed with the situation, try to step outside yourself and the moment and see if you can find the humor in the moment. Then see if the anger begins to melt away and if you can find a more creative way to handle things.

Laughter Helps Us Stay Positive

Laughter can be an important tool for keeping our troubles in proportion, for realizing that things aren’t always as bad as we think they are. But even when things are as bad as we think they are, laughter helps create positive emotions and helps us find a frame of mind in which we can more easily cope with the struggles of life. Laughter eases tension and sharpens our ability to concentrate.

Laughter Is Loving

If I am able to laugh with you in my mistakes as well as with you in yours, it suggests we are all flawed and imperfect. Embracing goodnatured humor, we find the humility to see the foolishness of trying to be perfect and the gift of enjoying the smiles and laughter of love.

Children laugh on average 200 times a day and adults only 26 times a day.

How many times a day do you experience the rich joy of laughter?

If we want to be happier, healthier, and more productive we seriously need to make time to laugh.

Because when we laugh, when we really laugh, deep from the belly… we feel alive!

Start looking for more reasons to laugh today.

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