It is late November, early December, 2016 is drawing to a close. With it comes the opportunity to be accountable for my accomplishments and my failures. I am meeting with the agents of my Wailea C21 office to set up their individual annual goals and of course to hold a personal assessment of their past months. Knowing each of us must learn to be objective and delve into our personal accountability. Training ourselves to brush off our failures by accepting the lesson we take away from the experience. In turn, we enjoy a brief celebration of our successes.

Earlier that year I was listening to a message by one of my peers in Real Estate, George Morris. George was President of Century 21 Everest Realty Group in Salt Lake City, Utah.  George was referring to an interview Steve Harvey had with T.D. Jakes on;  6 Rules to being Accountable & Successful:

There are 6 Rules to being Accountable & Successful in living a Thrive Focused Beautiful Life:

  1. OWN YOUR HAPPINESS. Happiness isn’t something that you need to buy, or get from someone else. Happiness is something that’s inside of you. Learn to and practice, or indulge in frequently the things that bring you Happiness. Allow your self to live in that moment and allow the Happiness to sink into your inner self, your soul. To Breathe in that moment and let it fill your whole being.
  2. CHALLENGE YOUR STORY. If we are the Author to our story, our lives, then why oh why would we ever let it be mediocre? Challenge yourself; Challenge your story. Create a story worth retelling long after you are gone from this life. No one that is personally accountable gets up in the morning and says, “Today I am going to strive to be mediocre.” And yet, too many of us do just that day after day. Get Up, Make Your Bed, Put in Your Exercise, Eat Focused and Smart, Be Human-Kind. Challenge yourself to tell your best story ever! 
  3. ENJOY THE JOURNEY.  Too often we don’t allow ourselves to enjoy the happiness of the journey in getting to our destination. A yogi once ended a practice I was in attendance to with this thought, “Give thanks to your body for all it gave to you during this morning’s practice; Namaste.” I was so focused on the thought of “just get me through this”, so I can “loose these few pounds and sweat off this remaining fat storage”, that I had not taken the real message from that practice; my body is a miracle and I need to celebrate and give thanks for the journey of all I ask from it in my striving to be the best version of me.
  4. PUT “ME” ON YOUR CALENDAR. You are the most important person in your life. You must learn to put you first on your day. Whether it is a meditation practice, a workout, a swim, hike, run, climb or ride, or whatever it is that you need to be taken care of, make sure that you put YOU on your calendar and participate in the activities or pampering that you need to make sure that your are at your best for all those others that depend on you to be such.
  5. MAKE RELATIONSHIPS COUNT: GOD, YOURSELF, YOUR LOVES. This really needs no further explanation. Make time for and appreciate all those in your life that love you, and that you love. Give them the time, the words, the effort to show that you are grateful for them. Nourish and protect, value your healthy relationships. Drop, walk away, or if need be- get away from those that do not bring love to you.
  6. BALANCE WORK WITH PLAY. T.D. Jakes, “If all you do is play and you don’t work, then you gonna be the fun guy, but you also gonna be ornery.” It is true that money does not buy happiness, but then neither does having no money. From the notebook sized book, THE FIVE LESSONS A MILLIONAIRE TAUGHT ME ABOUT LIFE AND WEALTH, by Richard Paul Evans comes this in regards to being wealthy or poor, “Will you be the one who helps others or looks to others for help? It’s your choice. You can be part of the problem or part of the solution. If you want to be the later, then listen carefully, because what I have to tell you today will change your life. Decide to be wealthy, then create a plan and put it to work to create that life.”

Real life is not like it appears on Social Media; Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube. No Filters to make you look good. It can be nitty, gritty, dirty, messy, bloody , sweaty and tear filled somedays. If you are looking back on your best days, then you may be struggling with unhappiness or a lack of fulfillment. Choose to bet on yourself and your goals to venture into your unknown have faith in your potential.

TD Jakes made the comparison of when you are working out for the first time with a Trainer and they begin you standing or sitting to work on your core. Then quickly you are moved to a Bosu or Yoga / Instability ball, because the more unstable you are, the more muscles you work. Your time and efforts are more effective. Faith requires that you are unstable, not knowing; many will stop striving for their best self. Know that you are strong enough to navigate the unknown. You may never discover what more you are if you stay in one place, comfortable in the known. You don’t know it all! So, go out and experience; make what was impossible, possible.

Both Success & Failure bring lessons and opportunity for growth; each giving us the motivation and skills to refocus for the New Year, to be a better version of whom we are today. Be Real, be brave enough to be authentic, to create the best version of you each day, each year. I have adopted a phrase; Gift or Lesson, either way I win.

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