I am a reformed Book Club Snob…and the reason I state this is because I have always thought that my reading is a very personal journey and that I don’t ‘need’ others to direct or sensor my reading. I don’t need to discuss my experience of reading.

I have since come to the realization that reading can be enhanced if you join the right Reading Group or Book Club to match your needs and desires.

I am associated with a large company of 1000 employees and independent contractors that has a monthly suggested reading and I belong to a neighborhood Book Club. Both of these along with people I associate with that make suggestions to read, keep me busy reading, exploring, expanding and evolving my experience and journey with reading.

Here is a list of 5 Reasons you may want to join a Book Club or Reading Group too:

1) You meet interesting people. The trick is not to join a book club full of your best friends. Some people do that and absolutely love it.But I find book clubs more interesting when none of my close friends are in them. After all, I’ll probably end up talking about books with my close friends anyway. But I’ll learn more from drawing upon a wider range of individuals. My current book club is composed of a bunch of women I almost never see (except occasionally on the street) and that’s precisely why I like it. In addition to gaining their quite distinct takes on the book at hand, I also gain a window into their lives, which are so very different from my own.

2) You read things that you wouldn’t otherwise read. Which ties to point #1, because people who are outside of your immediate circle of friends are more likely to have literary tastes that differ from your own.

3) Some books need to be discussed.

4) You eat great food. Most book groups entail some sort of snack alongside them and my current has a brunch/salad and soup sort of theme and I love being exposed to such variety and the occasional sit down meal and conversation that I miss out on being single.

5) Sometimes it’s fun just to chat. Finally – all book clubs – no matter how serious, entail some chit chat. And that’s just how it should be. Whether or not you’re in one that’s all-women – as seems to be the norm – or contains “the male element” (Yikes! sounds contagious!) we all thrive on friendship as we grow older. And book clubs are a great excuse to make and keep friends.

Joining a reading group can also help to extend your reading, as you’ll be tempted to try different types of books that you might not otherwise have chosen by yourself. Many people can become accustomed to the comfort of reading in a favorite genre and may not realize how much they might actually enjoy an altogether different type of book, until they are persuaded to try by other members of the Reading Group or Book Club.

Here are some thoughts from a recent Costco Communications article on reading.

A) Audiobooks allow you to drive while learning something new or be whisked away on a fictional adventure.

B) Keep a book on your nightstand and be transported to another time, space, location before you sleep. Exquisite things are not usually found on Social Media bring a real book not an electronic device to bed.

C) Don’t feel guilty about reading in front of family members, It’s good for them to see that you enjoy reading.

D) American educational reformer Horace Mann states, “Resolve to edge in a little reading every day; if it is but a single sentence.” A little reading every day may keep you younger longer.

Good Luck in your quest to expand your world through reading.

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