Tis the Season!

Holidays are over and we still have a few more months of winter left. So, now is the perfect time to get to work, inside on some projects that will help you create equity in your space and may even brighten things up during these darkest of days. Staying productive inside until the sun is shining bright and warm again, and you can get outdoors more, will build your equity with a few of these DIY (or hire a qualified professional) projects.

Winter Home Improvement Projects For Under $500


Ideas to Consider

These are some ideas for winter home improvement projects:

Paint three rooms and rehang pictures in new groupings

Make or buy new couch or bed covers

Repair small things such as a window, drawer or door that does not slide correctly.

Build or buy a small (but tall) shelving unit to store books in a narrow area (secure it to the wall so that it won’t fall over). Add some decorating items, not just books, to create a story about me in the display

Add tile or stone to back splash or accent areas of wall

Install accent lighting to under cabinets, behind plants or floor furniture pieces or in ceilings to showcase a art piece or display

Replace or repair the broken, dated or worn faucets or fixtures

Clean baseboards, window frames, and windows. Consider upgrading the wood trims and adding a fresh color of paint

Add wood trims, beadboard or shiplap to areas to create texture on otherwise boring walls

See https://www.hgtv.com/shows/fixer-upper/fixer-upper-style–shiplap-decorating-ideas-pictures
for more ideas on how you might add this to your place

I hope this list prompts new ideas for you to get busy during these winter months creating a more light-filled and colorful world within your home. Contact me for ideas or suggestions, referrals to Contractors or Subs that can get the job done on time and within budget!

What would YOUR life look like 15 years from now if you owned Real Estate as an Investment?

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