“Life is either a grand adventure or nothing at all.” -Helen Keller –

Whether its your own backyard, your local parks & museums or the National Parks of The U.S., its the season of travel and many of us need to get some plans made for where we want to explore next.

Whether investigating the existence of the Loch Ness monster in Scotland or experiencing the tastes and aromas of Istanbul’s fabled Spice Market at a shop where coffee has been roasted the same way for more than 500 years. I love the spices of Jamaica and the gemstones of the Caribbean. The beaches and water are always a fabulous explore or just lay out and get rested.

St Thomas aboard Princess Cruise Ship

Got a thing for exploring and getting to be in the setting of some of your most favorite Books or TV Shows?   Whether it’s N.Y. (Sex & The City) or Kings Landing (Game of Thrones), someone can help you get your plans going today!

A trip to reveal the “soul” of historic cities including Gettysburg, Key West, Chicago, New Orleans, Victoria, Auckland, Edinburgh, London, Budapest, Singapore, Hong Kong or just head for old downtown San Francisco. Get into the museums, enjoy the local food and find new favorites.

Italian Pizzeria in Old Sacramento

If your looking for a bargain in travel for 2019, check out these https://www.lonelyplanet.com/best-in-travel/value

Or plan a year of visiting all the National Parks. Five of them are located in my backyard in Utah. I’ve already been to 3 of them this year and it is only April!

Zions National Park

U.S. News posted its choice of the 10 Best Historical Trips

If you are a Foodie like me, maybe travel based on food is more your type of explore. Check out Guy Feiri’s show Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives for a place to start your next palate experience

Whatever sounds like an adventure to you, get started NOW planning out your next Adventure. To be more than you are today, you must experience more than you have up to today. To Thrive in this Life is the Ultimate Goal.



Hiking Trail marker in New Zealand

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